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Borgert Products, Inc is a manufacturer of premium concrete paving Stones and walls. Using the finest ingredients available Borgert creates interlocking concrete paving stones, slab and retaining wall products that allow you to create the outdoor living space that you will enjoy year after year.

An interlocking concrete paving stone pavement is more superior to any other pavement. This is because our paver is 13,000 psi and only up to 3% absorption, which makes for an extremely durable wearing course that is long lasting and virtually maintenance free. The life expectancy of a paving stone pavement is over 30 years for residential applications compared to make 10 years for concrete or asphalt. very important aspect of interlocking concrete pavement is that it is a flexible pavement system which is resistant to damage due to freezing and thawing cycles, which is very important in our markets. Another advantage is that these pavements can handle extremely heavy loads making them suitable for application from walkways/plazas to airport taxiways. With pavers, color and texture can be added to any paved area without sacrificing durability – no other pavement give you all this.